Daxue consulting’s Paris office open

Daxue consulting is opening its Paris office in 2017 wonder the company daxue & doxa. The company will have the objective of representing the Chinese entities in France and more generally speaking in Europe. The general manager is to be named soon and should come from Shanghai office according to the management of daxue consulting China. The Paris office aims at getting closer to European clients and also making it possible to meet with companies that are looking for expansion in the Chinese market.

The Chinese fashion is increasingly fashionable

Chinese Fashion booming worldwide

There are more and more emerging designers that inspire the Western brands and parade in Milan and Paris, each interpreting his tradition so

Lately China is always found at the center of the fashion world (also according to a recent market research (by Daxue Consulting, leading in China market entry): not only from the economic point of view, given that – albeit declining – in China there is a big luxury market and garments and designer accessories, but also from a creative point of view: more and more western designers are inspired by Chinese fashion, some brands were purchased in whole or in part by Chinese entrepreneurs – as Italians Krizia or Francesco Scognamiglio – while there are more and more emerging Chinese designers to keep sott ‘ eye. Last September, many of them paraded at Fashion Week in Milan woman, while a few months before Vogue Italy had devoted the number of June 2015 to China, with Chinese models on the cover and services on young designers in Beijing.

The fashion interest in China was also enshrined in the summer exhibition of the prestigious New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET): China: Through the Looking Glass, Chinese aesthetics influence on Western fashion. The exhibition has become the most popular museum dedicated to fashion and the fifth most visited so far, and is remembered also for the inauguration, which was presented Rihanna with a long yellow cloak designed by Chinese designer Guo Pei haute couture.

In an article in Forbes magazine, Glenda Thomas writes that many new Chinese designers are working a lot to get known, and are also increasing enrollments of Chinese students to fashion schools. This was confirmed by Gemma Williams, who works at the London College of Fashion, one of the most important European fashion schools and who recently published the book Fashion China (Thames & Hudson), which reports the 41 Chinese designers who believes the most promising. To do so he consulted a bit ‘of experts in the world of Chinese fashion, including the fashion designer Lucy Liu and supermodel Liu Wen. The initial idea was to deal only emerging artists, but the system proved to be much more extensive and complex, and Williams ended up also enter the designers already established.

As in the West, even the Chinese designers dealing peg, clothes for every day, and high fashion, that is, the evening dresses. However, it was difficult for Williams to find uniformity in the style of different designers, because the Cultural Revolution launched by Mao Tse-Tung in 1966 – with the aim to strengthen and impose the vision of the communist party in all aspects of Chinese life – has deleted many traditional and cultural aspects of the country, including the history of costume. Mao has introduced zhongshan for example, a jacket-uniform with four pockets and collar that everyone had to wear the same. Only reforms that have been made since the eighties onwards enabled the birth of the fashion industry and then the emergence of designers, each with a personal interpretation of the traditional Chinese style.

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Offrez un cadeau, offrez des rideaux.

Pratique et esthétique, pour le plus beau des cadeaux, offrez un rideau original.

Les rideaux n’ont pas finit de donner du rêve aux fenêtres, ce morceau de tissu qui participe efficacement à notre confort et au bonheur des yeux. Selon votre convenance et votre situation, pour décorer ou pour refaire la décoration d’une pièce, les rideaux peuvent donner le ton ou aussi faire office de touche finale. Dans un cas ou dans un autre, vous avez aujourd’hui la chance de pouvoir trouver ce qui vous convient parmi un large choix pratiquement inépuisable de rideau original. Pour vous donner une idée de l’importance du choix d’un rideau, c’est le seul élément de la décoration intérieur qui l’on peut aussi bien apprécier depuis l’extérieur. Les rideaux ont pour principales fonctions de réduire les présences d’ouvertures, en fonction des modes de vie et des besoins ou encore des envies, on peut moduler la lumière venant de l’extérieur, contrôler l’aération, contrôler la température ou encore réduire ou bloquer les pollutions acoustiques. Vous êtes à la recherche d’un rideau ? Optez pour le meilleur, optez pour un rideau original. Il y a tellement de choix de rideau aujourd’hui que vous pouvez retourner le mot original dans tous les sens pour trouver à chaque fois le rideau qui vous convient. Un rideau original avec une couleur originale, un motif original, une impression originale, un design original ou tout simplement un rideau original que vous allez concevoir vous-même, offrez le meilleur des rideaux à vos fenêtres et vos portes ou à votre famille ou encore vos proches, offrez le meilleur de vous-même.

Laissez une empreinte dans le temps avec rideau original.

Il n’est jamais facile de trouver un cadeau qui puisse plaire à tout le monde surtout si ce n’est pas pour la première fois qu’on offre un cadeau à quelqu’un. Vous cherchez un cadeau pour la nouvelle année qu’on oubliera pas de sitôt ? Optez pour un cadeau qui allie praticité et charme qu’on aura la chance d’apprécier au quotidien de jour comme de nuit et par toutes les saisons. Laissez libre cours à votre imagination et partagez votre passion. Offrir des rideaux est déjà original mais on peut toujours faire mieux en offrant un rideau qui est original. Faite-vous plaisir et offrez du bonheur pour laisser une empreinte dans le temps pour le plus grand bonheur de tout le monde.

Chinese SEMs to invest in the jewelry market in China

Chinese SEMs to invest in the jewelry market in China

Adopt a style of dress especially helps determine your personality. Indeed, the look is a strong determinant of a person’s character. Many people think that the fashion world just stops wearing clothes diversified. However, note that jewelry are fundamental because they have the opportunity to categorically change your look, not to say that jewelry is the key fashion accessories to succeed to have an original and authentic look your way. The jewels are most popular and which are still valid despite the weather. The jewelry market in China is booming and western SMEs have strong interest in investing in. The Chinese consumers are looking more and more at new trends in the jewelry industry, and companies are using social media and digital advertising to promote this market.

Jewelry market in China :How to properly wear the jewelry in China

For starters, it would still be important to remember for people who often tend to confuse the china jewelry are types of jewelry that stand out slightly from the usual, as much in style as in form. This is made of the types of jewelry that were manufactured in more or less unusual dimensions, that is to say, quite large. It is therefore important to know if only notions on information about him. In other words, we must know what and when to put this type of costume jewelry. Indeed, the sector of the jewelry is highly developed today, which implies a definite choice to avoid doing wrongly and through any jewel. Circular shaped costume jewelry for example is not very suitable for people who have a round face shape rather. Similarly for costume jewelry diamond-shaped, which are not made to be worn by people with the extended face? By cons if we talk about the colors of the costume jewelry, the most important is just to remember to ensure that the color of the jewelry is consistent with the second dominant color of your clothes. At worst with dull and basic clothing color like black or white, costume jewelry in gold or silver are ideal. In short we can therefore see that the jewelry are accessories that should not be chosen lightly given the importance of their roles in daily life.

The different styles in the Jewelry market in China developed by SMEs

The majority of people think that jewelry is only complementary to perfect the look of a person. Other people also think that costume jewelry is reserved only for women. It must still recognize that costume jewelry were created in the image of women. This does not stop as long as men can have their model. First, we must remember the need to take into account some important details to be sure to choose the right jewelry that suits both your body and your style of dress. There eg. jewelry into geometric shapes such as circular jewels, diamond, square, triangle or event trapezoidal. These forms are probably the most common. However there are also other models like trends in flower shapes for discrete style lovers, skull jewelry for rockers. Not necessarily designed with a specific shape, large bracelets in gold or silver may well be suitable for stylish men.


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The App Market in China

The App Market in China is booming

App Market in China. Research conducted by Daxue Consulting, which specializes in market research in China, reports that two-thirds of the global App Store download come from China App Store. And that is why apps like WeChat may reach 600 million monthly active users (the majority of which are located in China).

The mobile app market in China continues to grow and track excellent prospects for the future. The rapid spread of mobile payment in China is favored by the low use of credit cards by the Chinese population. And to accelerate the payment of the application range is also increasing demand for home delivery. Alipay, the online payment service owned by the Chinese giant Alibaba, has recorded the fastest growth, despite having to face the competition with TenPay, BestPay, and Lakala.

The use of so-called educational app brings a significant increase. According to CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center), already in 2013, over 200 million Chinese mobile customers have benefited from e-learning content.

The even larger selection of games category of applications is hardly surprising. They are mostly copies of favorite games already known in the West, like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. Among the most bizarre ideas that have emerged, however, one can not fail to mention Didi Da Ren (滴滴 打人) translated to « Didi Hit People. » Didi From Ren is the mobile app in China that best exemplifies the dark side of the now common saying « there’s an app for everything! ». This application allows users to take third for attacking another person physically. Of course, it was promptly banned but highlighted the need to establish a regulation.

The Chinese government has initiated the establishment of a set of rules aimed at instant messaging applications (WeChat) with the goal of creating a safer digital ecosystem and a big social media network in China « to help build a clean cyberspace. » Although, the downside of everything and increasing controls could be a slowdown in the mobile app market in China.

A hypothesis that for the moment there seems to come true: the Chinese App Store are, in fact, two-thirds of downloads of App Stores around the world. And many are beginning to wonder: will become imperative for the global industry of apps offer a version in the Chinese language? Yes. If you want to, substantially increase the catchment area and the related downloads of their app. Even the introduction of QR code is an increasingly important factor, considering the broad use in China.

China has the largest 3G subscriber base, 1.4 times higher than that of the United States. Downloads with iOS are still rising, but Android users will still win the biggest share of the market. There are, in fact, more than 200 Android App Store, with Baidu Store among the most popular.

Architecture in China

Architecture is an important symbol of human civilisation. The Chinese are very ingenious about it. Both creative and imaginative, they always know how to surprise. The construction of the great wall of China, though deemed unnecessary for certain, is proof of their perseverance.

Chinese architecture

Found in China a variety of sumptuous palaces but also temples of the gardens of the pagodas and bridges so charming. A trip to China is truly enriching in terms of architectural art. Modern and traditional architecture, although contradictory, know how to live in harmony. The traditional architecture is characterised by its wooden structures is its natural materials. The use of natural products like bamboo is really amazing. He uses it to make the scaffolding of the skyscrapers. Who would have thought that natural materials of this kind could have reinforced concrete strength if treated sufficiently? Only in China can we see such incredible things. The determination of the Chinese population to offer new things is immense. You have to see it believe it, why not try to make a trip a china and then go on to the sale of curtains? Indeed, the latter proves to be a very fruitful activity.

From architecture to interior decoration

Not really obvious to find a link between Chinese decoration and architecture. Think again ! Architecture is a major factor in the influence of decoration. Indeed, as the evolution of architecture, the decoration also changes and follows the rhythm of the evolution itself. The Chinese interior decoration is not quite as you imagine with Mandarin films. The Chinese have a lot of taste even if sometimes they put a little too much. China is a great world power. It is one of the biggest traders in the world. You can find everything from China to the sale of curtains of any quality. The products copied too are numerous and it is not to displease the developing country. You did not think about it but the copies also have their degree of quality. We have, for example, High Copies that produce products of very good imitation so much that we can hardly distinguish between true and false.

Chinese taxation and accounting practices in a nutshell

In the wake of ‘the Reform and Opening up policy’ carried on by Deng Xiaoping in 1979, China’s planned economy turned into a socialist market economy.

Consequently, China has gradually converged its few accounting standards to international standards. However, fully understand financial reporting and accounting practices in China is a challenging task for multinational companies as they may need to carry out reconciliations between Chinese GAAP and the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards which equals to U.S. GAAP) for purposes of consolidations of financial statements. Here is an overview of what you should know.

The fapiao system: fapiao as precious as cash

For newly incorporated companies in China, domestic bookkeeping can be a real headache. Most of the newcomers outsource accounting to professional and local tax and accounting firm.

The first thing to know: the fapiao, pronounced fapiao. All business transactions in China are required to be recorded on an official receipt, called in Chinese, fapiao. Without a fapiao for each transaction, it is impossible to declare expenses for reimbursement, tax deduction and refunds. Printed on a special paper, fapiao can only be purchased from the Tax Bureau and are ruled by quotas. The newly created company starts with 25 fapiao, each with a limit of RMB 100,000. However, one can ask the Tax authorities to obtain more fapiaos, up to 75.

This document allows the Chinese government to control and monitor the tax base and remains a proof of the reliability of any financial statements. As soon as a fapiao has been issued and received, the transaction is confirmed. No fapiao issued nullifies the transaction.In some extent, the fapiao system is a very convenient checking system. Thus, remember a fapiao as valuable as cash and must be kept preciously.

From the Business Tax to the Value-Added Tax

China has been moving progressively over the past years from a Business Tax (BT) system to a Value Added Tax (VAT) system in an attempt to streamline China’s indirect tax system with an objective to remove dual indirect tax system and to give Chinese business a better global competitive tax structure in order to boost the economy’s growth.

Now two classes of VAT Tax Payer exist under the B2V Reform:

General Tax Payer (GTP) •     Tax payers providing VAT pilot services with annual turnover ≥ RMB 5M

•     Tax payers providing VAT pilot services with annual turnover < RMB 5M but which voluntarily apply for GTP status.

Small Tax Payer (STP) •     Tax payers providing VAT pilot services with annual turnover < RMB 5M

And the new VAT rates in industries detailed in the VAT reform:

Industry covered under VAT reform VAT applicability
Domestic sales Exemption/ Zero rating
Leasing of tangible movable properties 17% Exemption applies
Transportation service industry (including road, water and air and pipeline transportation services) 11% Zero rating VAT applicable for international transport
Research & development and technical services 6% Zero rating VAT
IT services 6% Exemption applies
Cultural and creative services 6% Exemption applies; Zero rating VAT applies to design services
Logistics and ancillary services 6% Exemption applies
Certification and consulting services 6% Exemption applies
Basic telecom services 11% Exemption applies
Value-added telecom services 6% Exemption applies

Main corporate tax and tax compliance deadlines

Corporate tax Frequency Level Rate
Corporate Income Tax

–          Normal

–          Small Scale

–          High Tech










Import Tariffs 14 days before the day of importation State 0-270%
Export Tariffs 24 hours before the export of the good at the customs State 0-40%
Value Added Tax Monthly but before the 15 State 0-17%
Business Tax Monthly but before the 15 Local 3%, 5%, 5-20%

Article written by SJ. Grand, Tax and advisory in China, and edited by China Smei 

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